History of CRC

The CRC originally was the name of our three court facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (2014-2019).  The facility was sold in 2019 so the CRC was reinvented, in a way… to Coach R’s Classroom.

Brian Robinson has been coaching, if you can believe it, since the age of eleven when he was named player – coach of his 12-and-under baseball team.  Moving onto his college years, Coach R directed and coached recreational league baseball, T-ball, basketball and flag football. Then, post college, Coach R started his high school coaching career as a basketball and baseball coach.

It is from these beginnings where Coach R’s Classroom was born, though, at the time, it was a nameless entity.  Coach R was not only teaching on the court / field strategies and techniques, but also life lessons and forming relationships that remain strong to this day… all those moments, experiences, wins and losses were just untitled. That was until one of his former players told him, as the three court facility was closing for good, that she felt like everything (practice, game, bus ride, team meal) was like being in a classroom. She felt like everything that took place was a learning experience much of which has stayed with her to this day.

Coach R’s Classroom has a goal to provide players, coaches, parents and interested parties on and off the court concepts and ideas.  These concepts and ideas have helped Coach R maintain a consistent level of success and the hope is to share as much of everything as he can with you.