Naming Rights, Banners and Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several sponsorship opportunities inside and outside of The CRC and the Gateway YWCA. The CRC hosts basketball, soccer, and volleyball practices and tournaments in addition to other sports and indoor activities, shows, speakers and banquets.

Each weekend, hundreds of guests and spectators attend the sporting events at The CRC while the Gateway YWCA membership traffic frequents The CRC during day for recreational activities or to walk the track.

Your business or organization has the opportunity to advertise to the many attendees by purchasing a banner through our organization. Banners are good for a year with the opportunity to renew at a discount annually.

There are also opportunities to advertise around The CRC interior walls, the playing courts, the divider nets, the scoreboards and the track railing areas.

The Winston-Salem Stealers purchased banner space for all of their players who received Division I college basketball scholarships or for players who received All-American Honors at the DII, DIII or NAIA college basketball level.  In order for a player to receive a banner, the alum’ has to have played in the Stealers’ program for a minimum of two years and had to finish their club/AAU careers with the Stealers’ program.

***New for 2018*** – Scholarship Program

The Stealers program is offering any alum’ the opportunity to have a scholarship named after them to give to a current player.  The cost for some families to participate (especially at the travel team level) continues to rise.  In an effort to help out families that would like to continue in the Stealers’ program without it being a burden, we would like to offer parents of alum’s the opportunity to scholarship a player.

For example, the scholarship will be named after your daughter: the “Ann Marie Smith” scholarship.  You will set the criteria on who can receive the scholarship such as: recipient needs to be 5’4″ or smaller, recipient needs to keep a 3.5 gpa, recipient has a specific occupational goal in mind (wants to be a coach or a doctor, etc…), and so on…

Coach Robinson, along with a small group, will identify a player in the program that fits the donor’s criteria and then present the name to the donor before offering the scholarship.

By providing the scholarship, the alum’ will receive a gold banner to hang in the Gateway YWCA (similar to the picture below). The Division I alums have a white banner currently. If one of the DI players contributes to our scholarship program, they’ll have a gold basketball added to their current banner.  If the player does not currently have a banner in the gym, their banner will be the same design and size (48 x 72) but will be gold in color.

If interested, please fill out the form below.  You can scholarship a player for up to seven years (5th-11th graders) or you can break it down to one, two, three, four, five, or six years meaning you can give the scholarship for someone in the (for example) 9th grade.  You can also change recipients if you feel the current recipient is not fulfilling the criteria you set.  If you’d like to scholarship more than one player you can do that as well.  You can renew the scholarship each year if you would like (meaning donate the same amount each year).

I think this will be a win-win for everyone especially to help retain good kids and families who would like to stay in the program and not having to concern themselves with trying to make ends meet in their lives away from basketball.

This will replace our Stealers For Life program that relied on business contributions to help provide scholarships.

Our Non-Profit Tax ID number is listed on the form for your tax purposes.

You can also mail the sponsorship to: Winston-Salem Stealers / PO Box 5213 / Winston-Salem, NC 27113-5213.

Stealer Scholarship Program

  • Who the scholarship will be named after.

The Gateway YWCA is allowing for a business / organization or individual to have the naming rights for the entire facility.  The signage for the naming rights is for the exterior and interior of the facility. The naming rights are lifetime rights*.

If you or your business / organization is interested in costs associated with sponsorship, banners or naming rights, please contact Brian Robinson at

* = With the condition that the naming rights sponsor philosophy and culture reflects that of the Gateway YWCA and the YWCA mission.